The TOBI Drive-System

The new drive-system from bogenus includes the drive tool (bit) and the screw head profil (drive) with an enlarged usable contact area, an axial alignment between screw and tool and a reliable self-hold between screw head profil and tool. Reduce tool wear, use the versatility and test the system and if it is suitable for you ask for a licence option.

Even a 2.5 mm titanium-screw (see the video) with a penetration depth of only 1.3 mm, in this case in comparison with a 6 mm stainless steel wood screw, the screwdriver, which is much heavier, keeps it vertically without losing it.

What is the difference

Due to the converging surfaces as well as the special geometry between the screw head profile and the tool of the drive concept we were able to combine three main requirements. The axial alignment, the maximum contact area and holding the screw in the tool. All these advantages favor e.g. working over head with one hand as well as the automated screwdriving process.

Axially aligned and self-fixing screws

During the insertion of the tobi-tool in the screw-head drive the system will be axially aligned. This is e.g. an advantage for an automatic screw feed with robots and for critical applications where the screw- or nut thread musn’t be damaged. The converging surfaces ensure that the screws can’t drop out of the tobi tool until they are tightened. Especially for working with one hand on a ladder over head. Furthermore, no additional tap is required below the bit to self-hold the screw (see picture).

To transmit the torque the load in the larger contact area of the TOBI drive is comparatively lower and thus relieve the tension in the tool.

Compatibility with other drive-tools

Each TOBI screw head profile is compatible with a corresponding hexalobular socket tool or an RW/AW/PW drive tool of the same dimensions in order to be able to unscrew a TOBI screw without any problems or screw it-back in after possible repairs.

Maximum contact area, more is not possible

Because of the ten times higher (highlighted in red) contact area (Ac) between the TOBI screw head profile and the bit compared to all other systems, the load for screwdrivers will be reduced very significantly. The new design will significantly increase the service life of the tools and thus make a significant contribution to cost reduction.

Ultimate torque comparison of the drive tools

The ultimate torque of the new concept is significantly higher due to the special geometry of the profile and the optimized stress distribution. The diagram shows a standardized representation of the TOBI drive in comparison with Torx and Torx Plus drives. Over the entire drive spectrum, the TOBI ultimate torque is 65% > Torx and 30% > Torx Plus. (Torx: Trademark of acument)

Head hight reduction for the low profile of the TOBI screw head design. This is possible because of the system`s larger drive contact area between the drive and the bit.

Advantages of the Drive System

  • Reliable self-hold
  • Work easily overhead
  • No loss of screws
  • Axial alignment
  • Maximum increase of tool fatigue life
  • Automated screw-pick with running or non running spindle
  • Ideal for non magnetic screws (Aluminum, Titanium, Stainless steel)
  • Reduction of stresses in drive system
  • Reduced drive bit wear
  • Reduction of bit tension
  • Weight saving
  • Cost savings (raw material savings)
  • In repair case Hexalobular – drive can be used
  • Downsizing of drive size
  • Greater installation space
  • Suitable for miniature screws